The Route

Starting at the Great Wall of China, the rally will make its way through Mongolia’s Gobi dessert before entering Siberia and heading West. After 11 days in Russia the route will make its way through Ukraine and Slovakia before making pitstops in Austria and Switzerland. 33 days after the journey began and 12247kms later, the cars will make their way through the heart of Paris.


Click below for a more detailed breakdown of our route:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 04.13.20


7 thoughts on “The Route

  1. Marco

    Good luck, have fun and drive hard!

  2. Roger Higgins

    Your adventure is putting a smile on my face. Good Luck and Enjoy!!!


  3. Ruth u Hans Berchtold Bruderholzstr 75, 4153 Reinach

    We wish you good luck and a save drive. Please show us a picture of your modified citroën traction avant.
    The car you have chosen made this trip already many times with success and we are sure yours will be doing the trip with only minor repairs as well. That’s what you can expect of Citroëns.

    Ruth and Hans Berchtold, Reinach, BL

  4. Paula Rissanen

    A great blog, sounds like you’re having a fab time! Lovely pics as well. Enjoy the rest of the rally, I’ll be following your adventures.

    Paula Rissanen (ex Ilmor)

  5. Thomas

    Proud of you both and so intrigued by your commitment and passion, amazing write ups and pics

  6. Hans-Peter Kollmeier

    Impressive Drive! Congratulations

  7. max

    Dear Mario, dear Noele, Wow !

    Congratulations for completing the Challenge.

    I can well imagine such an experience will be lasting forever in your memories.


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