Day 31: Davos – Gstaad ( 325 km )

Looking at the roadbook this morning we saw that the route took us through Obersaxen which is the area where Mario’s 93 year old mother lives. We called to tell her that we would be driving through and she managed to get a ride to the exact spot that our cars were passing. She was very surprised to see how dirty our car is, which is still covered in Mongolian dust!
The route to Gstaad took us through some of Switzerland’s most beautiful scenery including Oberalp, Airolo and Verbier. We also had a time trial up Tremola which is a very old, cobblestoned road that consists of one hairpin turn after another. Although we had to go out of our way in order to be able to drive up it, doing the time trial downhill would have been too dangerous with the old cars in case someone’s brakes failed.
For a large portion of today’s route we had friends drive with us in their own Traction Avant that they recently completed the Mille Migila in. Driving though one of the check points the marshals commented that it was great that our friends were with us because if we broke down we had a full set of spares! Luckily we didn’t have to make use of them.
Although the weather was overcast when we set off from Davos, we most certainly weren’t expecting the variance that we experienced. Driving over one of the passes, what had started off as rain had closer to the top become snow. Although it gathered on our windscreen we were glad that it didn’t settle on the ground as we had sent the snow chains home with our family the previous night.
There was a champagne reception in Gataad for the competitors followed by a delicious meal which we agreed was the best that we had so far. This trip had really seen us sample a whole range of accommodation from camping in Mongolia, Soviet era hotels and now the luxury of the Palace.








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One thought on “Day 31: Davos – Gstaad ( 325 km )

  1. Alex

    Schoen wieder zuhause sein oder?

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