Day 30: Schladming – Davos ( 428 km )

Today was well and truly a roller coaster of a day!! This morning at our scheduled departure time Mario had still not yet arrived at the hotel. Although the new gearbox had been built into the car by 04:30, turning on the car revealed that it didn’t work. To our great frustration it turned out that the gearbox had been wrongly assembled, meaning that the fork for first and second gear wasn’t engaged. Along with the Swiss specialist, Mario carried on working straight through to 10:00 in order to find and then correct the problem.
This delayed start meant that we weren’t able to complete the time trial that was scheduled for this morning and thus we received a hefty time penalty. We also lost our gold medal standing which signifies the completion of all the time trials and passage controls along the way from Peking to Paris. It is a shame that this happened so close to the end, but at least we were able to get back on the road!
Although we ended up leaving the hotel over three hours after the others we took a short cut by going down the motorway and were able to catch up with the group by 14:00. As Mario had not slept since 05:30 the previous morning, Noele did most of the driving and the tomtom the navigating.
The official route, which we joined in the afternoon, took us over one mountain pass after the next. Luckily Mario had also been able to switch the brakes during the night, but the extensive downhill stretches still led to our new ones overheating.
Arriving in Davos late afternoon we were in for a fabulous surprise! Some of our friends were standing right at the entrance to congratulate us for having made it so far, with a huge poster! We had no idea that this was going to happen but it was most certainly one of the highlights from our whole journey. Once we arrived at the hotel we found out that our family and more friends had also decided to travel to greet us. Even though we were both lacking in sleep, we were too excited to get an early night!



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One thought on “Day 30: Schladming – Davos ( 428 km )

  1. Sarah de Senarclens

    Salut Noele et Mario,
    On vous a vu tout à l’heure au journal télévisé ….. Trop cool!!!! Bravo d’avoir tenu le coup et bonne chance pour le dernier bout jusqu’à Paris.
    Claude et Sarah

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