Day 29: Bratislava – Schladming ( 442 km )

Today we woke up to the same weather that we went to sleep to, overcast skies and drizzle. Although we hoped that this would clear up over the course of the day, the same conditions ended up following us all the way to Schladming.
Just before leaving Slovakia we decided to take advantage of the cheaper fuel price and fill up our tank, however we appear to have filled up on dirty fuel! This led to our engine constantly misfiring which became an issue while driving uphill as stretches that could before be completed in third gear now required second.
The final time trial of the day required us to drive up the Stoderzinken in the quickest time possible. We have driven up this hill a number of times before as part of the Ennstal Classic but never in such foggy conditions! Although we made it to the top we were far slower than we would have been if our engine wasn’t misfiring. Going downhill was also problematic because of the issues we have been having with our gearbox. We werent able to drive down in first and thus had to use second gear with our foot constantly on the brakes. Luckily they held until the bottom, but it was close and we could certainly smell them!
As soon as we dropped off our bags at the hotel Mario headed to the garage with the car. The traction avant had a makeover instore for it, with a new gearbox and brakes having arrived from Zurich. Along with the specialist who prepared our car, Mario got to work on completing the required changes before the morning.





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