Day 27: Lviv – Kosice ( 368 km )

For our send off the hotel decided to blast traditional Ukrainian music over the loudspeakers in our car park. The volume was so high that we could hardly talk to one another and I’m sure the wedding party with whom we were sharing the hotel weren’t too impressed to be woken up in that manner!
Only a few kilometers after leaving the hotel we were pulled over by a police car. Through the language barrier we discovered that the policeman had seen Mario illegally switch lanes to avoid having to wait in traffic. After hearing about the experiences of the other participants we were expecting to have to pay a fine, but although the policeman wasn’t very happy he let us go.
The drive to the Slovakian border took us away from the main roads and into the rural villages. Whereas in Russia the fields were expansive and would stretch into the horizon, in the Ukraine they were quite a bit smaller and would have a range of things planted in them. Dotted throughout the countryside there were also many dome shaped hay stacks.
Passing out of the Ukraine was once again quick and easy, with some of the guards more interested in conducting a mini photoshoot with the cars than looking at our papers. However, getting into Slovakia was a bit more problematic. We were fortunate enough to be able to cross the border quickly however some of the other cars weren’t that lucky. One of the competitors whose car had broken in Mongolia and thus decided to by a new one, even had to pay 80% of its value in order to get it into the EU.
Once across the border we all had a time control at a Tesco supermarket before moving onto a road that was going to be closed so that we could conduct a time trial. As the police were a little late we had to wait for over an hour, during which time one of the competitors started to make tea for us all. As the majority of the time trial was downhill our brakes were starting to overheat by the end of it. Not great news as there are many more downhill time trials to come!





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One thought on “Day 27: Lviv – Kosice ( 368 km )

  1. Gavin Hinxman

    Really enjoying the updates, thank-you. Sounds like Mario likes to tamper – something’s don’t change! 😉
    Keep up the good work & the great blog.


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