Day 26: Kiev – Lviv ( 583 km )

The roads that we took from Kiev to Lviv were completely pothole free as they had been newly built for the European football championships. Every known and then there would however be an ode to the more traditional way of life as we would overtake a horse and carriage plodding down the hard shoulder. Further differences to usual dual carriageways are that in the Ukraine they have zebra crossings stretching across them. It seems very dangerous that people would be crossing the road whilst there are cars traveling at such high speeds, but we saw them being used a number of times during our drive so there does appear to be a demand for them.
Other than pedestrians we also encountered many policemen doing speed checks. We are not sure whether it was because of the rally or if they generally check for speeding a lot but we saw at least 12 different controls taking place today. When we arrived at the hotel we discovered that a number of the competitors had been pulled over for speeding and had to pay fines. There did however appear to be some dodgy dealings going on as the competitors did not receive receipts upon paying and the police also wouldn’t take the money directly but would insist on having it placed under the seats or in the glove compartment.




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