Day 24: Kharkiv – Kiev ( 485 km )

Walking into the car park this morning we were struck by the different appearance of our car. Over the course of the night the large Citroen logo on the grill had been covered in bright pink tape!! We weren’t however the only car to have been pinked, another one had a smiley face taped onto it’s front!
Today the driving was relatively easy, with no time trials but instead four passage controls that we had to check in at. Our route took us through the countryside and as a result we drove through more golden, wheat fields than it is possible to remember. Since our arrival in the Ukraine we have been struck by how welcomed the rally has been. In all the villages that we pass, the roads are lined with people who are waving and seem genuinely enthusiastic about the sight of the cars.
We weren’t having any problems with the car today until the last 100 or so kilometers, when we started having difficulty getting first and second gear. This wasn’t a problem on the motorway but became quite an issue when entering Kiev. With great difficulty we were able to make it to the hotel within our designated time. The motorway leading into Kiev is flanked by one grey housing block after another, however the further into town you get, the more beautiful it becomes.
Once we arrived at the hotel, Mario got straight to work on the car with the aim of having everything finished tonight so that he would for once be able to enjoy the rest day and see something of the city. However, our parking space which was located right next to the hotel entrance meant that a lot of the competitors would stop to chatter on their way past and thus distract Mario. After a few hours he had only managed to check the valve clearance so he decided to work on the rest in the morning while everyone else was still sleeping. 20130625-153117.jpg20130625-153217.jpg



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One thought on “Day 24: Kharkiv – Kiev ( 485 km )

  1. René Meier

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch
    Ich beneide Euch für dieses unvergessliche Erlebnis. Ein grosser Traum von mir.
    Lieber Gruss aus der Innerschweiz
    René Meier

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