Day 23: Voronezh – Kharkiv ( 364 km )

This morning we did not have a start time from our hotel but instead needed to be at the Belgorod circuit in order to complete the trials at a designated time. We were worried about the amount of traffic we would face on the road and as a result we decided to leave Voronezh at 06:30 as we had around 300 km to complete before 11:00.
When it was our turn we had to complete 2.5 laps of the circuit in the quickest time possible, followed by a 4 km off road track. In order to be more competitive we tried to be as light as possible by taking out all our luggage and spare parts from the car ( including the snow chains!! ) There was a very noticeable difference in the way that the car handled, which made it a shame to have to load it up again once the sections were over.
We then headed to the border for what we and the organization had anticipated to be a lengthy crossing out of Russia. However, to our great pleasure the crossing was quick and painless taking a total time of 30 mins. The officers seemed far more interested in photographing the cars than checking our passports, but the long line of trucks indicated that not everyone had it that easy today.
Once in the Ukraine, the short drive to the hotel was very straight forward with only two turns, however somehow we still managed to enter the hotel car park through the back entrance, thus missing all the spectators who had gathered in the square. We walked around a little later in the evening and were able to see the main square with the Lenin statue where we should have entered. It is amazing just how many Lenin statues are still around and the prominent positions where they are located.
Now that we are quite a way into the journey it has gotten to the stage where we are forgetting our hotel room numbers. Taking the elevator down to the lobby we met other competitors who had also forgotten what their room number was so we most certainly aren’t the only ones!





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2 thoughts on “Day 23: Voronezh – Kharkiv ( 364 km )

  1. Roland Veit

    Dear Noele and Mario,
    Reading your blogs is like reading a novel, full of ups and downs and we the readers are of course nervously always hoping for the best possible outcome. It looks like the most challenging part is behind you. Good luck for the journey that is still ahead of you and enjoy every minute!
    Best regards,
    Roland Veit

  2. Rostislav

    Dear Noele and Mario,
    I’d love to read your blog!
    You sincerely for the sick, and I hope that you still go up in the standings!
    I wish you come to Paris with the least amount of damage!

    Sincerely, your Russian fans.

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