Day 20: Samara ( rest day )

The third rest day of the Peking to Paris rally took place in the city of Samara. We had been told that it was an extremely beautiful city, however it appeared to have less to offer than some of the other Russian locations we visited on our journey so far.
Mario decided to once again spend the rest day in the garage, tinkering away at the car. As the brake pedal was getting very long, he decided to take the wheels and drums off so that he could grease the brake adjustment mechanism. Whilst doing this he discovered a significant amount of Mongolian dust in the drums and brake shoes. Although the back two shock absorbers had been replaced in Novosibirsk, Mario decided to also use this rest day to switch the front absorbers, which needed to be changed for quite some time already.
Noele on the other hand joined another father-daughter team and their tour guide in order to see what the area had to offer. We drove a little outside of Samara and walked to the top of a hill which gave us a wonderful view of the Volga river and the city in the distance. Here our guide explained the different periods in Samara’s past. Due to the indistrial importance of the city, its location was omitted from maps and foreigners were banned to visit it during the Gorbachev era.
In the evening we met up again and went for dinner with some of the other Swiss competitors at a restaurant overlooking the Volga. Although the interior was very modern we ate traditional Russian cuisine which included smoked fish, differently prepared cold meats and honey cake.

IMG_3647 IMG_3674 IMG_3678 IMG_3696

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