Day 19: Ufa – Samara ( 461 km )

Another day another drive. The scenery today was again very similar to that which we had experienced up until now in Russia. What did however stand out was the number of derelict agricultural buildings which would pepper the landscape. Falling apart, these large structures would dominate the landscape and could be seen from quite a distance. Interestingly though we very rarely passed any new structures to replace these old ones.
Another feature which would also often be seen close to villages are water tanks. These however also appear to be rusting and not in particularly great shape, yet still in use.
Although we had quite a large distance to cover, we ended up arriving at the hotel early afternoon. This didn’t have anything to do with Mario tinkering away at the engine and finding some additional speed, but instead with the fact that we entered into a new time zone and thus were able to gain two hours. With the longer than usual wait until dinner everyone found one another in the hotel lobby tucking into club sandwiches. Compared to the previous rest days which were located in Mongolia and Novosibirsk, the competitors as a whole seem more relaxed about the up and coming one and in less of a need to fix major problems. 20130620-010058.jpg20130620-010108.jpg




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4 thoughts on “Day 19: Ufa – Samara ( 461 km )

  1. Dan R. Luginbuhl

    Hello Noele and Mario — Many thx for the interesting journal and great photos of your big adventure — I see a book and screen play in your future! Godspeed for the rest of the way! All the Best — Deb and Dan, your old Colorado compadres


  2. Alex

    Hallo Noele und Mario, tolle Reise, schoene Bilder, sehr interessant und machmal fahre ich mit euch…..jajajaja
    Gute Reise noch!!

  3. Jen

    Splendid photography and captions! Thank you for sharing!

  4. jeden Tag verfolge ich gespannt Eure Reise. Ich war schon oft nahe daran selber dabei zu sein, aber mir hat dazu immer der richtige Partner gefehlt. Ich kopiere Eure Texte zu einem Bericht.
    Weiterhin alles Gute, viel Glück mit dem Auto und vor allem – keinen Unfall.
    Hoffentlich sehen wir uns in Davos!


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