Day 18: Yekaterinburg – Ufa ( 481 km )

The drive to Ufa was most memorable for the flies and mosquitos which would constantly splatter on the windscreen. Every few minutes there would be one or two new additions and by the end of the day it is fair to say that the glass was well decorated.
The drive was very similar to those that we had already experienced in Russia. The scenery was in general very flat with the long roads snaking through vast fields and the occasional village. There were quite a number of other cars and in particular trucks sharing the roads with us today. We witnessed a number of hairy overtaking maneuvers, with no real consideration being given to solid lines and instead with much being left to fate. In Russia driving generally appears to be done at great speed. We were traveling relatively quickly, but were quite surprised that we would repeatedly get overtaken by trucks, powering past us.
On our drive we also saw a monument that signified our passing out of Asia and into Europe. It is amazing to think just how dramatically our drives have changed from when we started in Beijing a few weeks ago! Although there have been a couple of cars which have left the competition for good, we are constantly being surprised by cars turning up that we haven’t seen for over a week. As we are driving such large distances, missing a couple of days is extremely difficult to catch up!
We have been fortunate to not have had any real reliability issues since we have arrived in Russia. Hopefully this will continue…







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One thought on “Day 18: Yekaterinburg – Ufa ( 481 km )

  1. Deb and Dan Luginbuhl

    Your photos and descriptive words are fabulous. I hope that you will be doing a book at the end of this experience and let us all purchase it! Great job, Noele and Mario. Deb + DRL xxoo

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