Day 17: Tyumen – Yekaterinburg ( 360 km )

As a result of the tragedy that occurred on the previous day, the rally organization decided to cancel all scheduled timings on the drive to Yekaterinburg. Instead the competitors decided to join forces and form a single file procession with black ribbons attached to our cars. Although practically speaking it proved impossible to keep everyone together as other traffic would weave between us, it was a small gesture to show our respect.
We arrived in Yekaterinburg mid afternoon and decided to make use of the fact that we didn’t have to work on the car. We visited the Church of Blood which is the Russian Orthodox church that was built on the site where Tsar Nicholas II was executed along with his family. Upon walking inside the church, the first thing which strikes you is the very strong smell of incense. The inside is also heavily decorated with icons and gold is generously applied. Noele was wearing shorts and she was given a skirt to wear to cover her knees and also something to put over her head. We then walked back to the hotel, along the river, where people were relaxing along the bank and playing around in small, rowing boats. Even when heading to the room around 23:30 it was still light outside.








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