Day 14: Novosibirsk ( rest day )

Mario used our second rest day to get some work done on the car. Although everything was largely functioning there were bits and bobs which needed to be sorted out. The biggest of these issues was the lack of shock absorbers. Both the front and the back shock absorbers had given way and as we had already used our spares in Mongolia we needed to find some new ones in Novosibirsk. Mario found someone who said they could get them for him, however as it turned out only two shock absorbers were found which were used to switch out the existing rear ones.
Noele on the other hand decided to explore the city. As Novosibirsk is a relatively new city though, there weren’t many historical sites to visit. In general it is fair to say that the buildings were designed with practicality rather than aesthetics in mind. Novosibirsk does however house the largest ballet in Russia which is located right behind the main square with its prominent Lenin statue.
In the evening we also had a number of our belongings sent home in order to bring down the weight of the car and finally be able to look out the rear window. This items included our tent, sleeping bags and the warm clothes we used in Mongolia.




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One thought on “Day 14: Novosibirsk ( rest day )

  1. armin frick

    … wie auf den schweizer autobahnen. Ein gr√ľnstreifen in der mitte. Herzlichst. armin frick.

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