Day 9: Telmen Lake – Chjargas Lake ( 288 km )

Today work started early in order to get the car finished before our start time of 09:02. At 04:00 Mario got up to change out back shock absorbers which had also given way as a result of the brutal roads and by 05:00 we had a lot of help from mechanically able friends to carry on fixing our fuel tank. Although it was quite a push, especially getting the deformed floor protection to match up to the chassis, luckily all the work could be finished 15 mins before we were scheduled to start.
The roads continued to be rough today and as a result we decided to take it easy to try to prevent us picking up additional problems. Everything went well until we made a short stop directly after finishing one of the time trials. The starter relay got stuck and as a result the starter motor stayed engaged. A lot of competitors kindly stopped to see if they could help and consequently the problem was quickly fixed.
Managing to make it to the day’s finish without any further issues, we set up camp right by Chjargas Lake. Whilst putting up our tents we were caught in a sand storm, which was so strong that we had to crouch behind the car until it passed. Although we wouldn’t have thought it possible, we managed to get even more covered in dust than before.
At dinner we discovered that one of the Canadian cars has a beer cooler and wine cellar built into their boot, whilst the Chevy truck has a projector and screen with them to play movies. Our car on the other hand is packed with tools, spare parts and more tools.









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2 thoughts on “Day 9: Telmen Lake – Chjargas Lake ( 288 km )

  1. Unglaublich, was ihr da erlebt! Tolle Fotos, Noele! Gruss, Dörte

  2. Turid V. J. Gjestland

    In the long run maybe the tools will be the right thing! You can drink wine and watch the movies back home! Turid & Finn

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