Day 10: Chjargas Lake – Uureg Lake ( 259 km )

Today was the best day in Mongolia so far. Not just scenery wise but also because the tracks were good and smooth, compared to the other days that is. This morning there was a tense moment in the car when Noele was driving and a rock once again hit the petrol tank. Luckily this time the underfloor protection was able to absorb the brunt of the impact and the tank remained intact, but otherwise it would have meant another long night.
Our route, which led us further North took us over more mountain passes. Often up to the horizon we would see nothing other than the cars of those competing in the rally. There were not many signs of habitation but every known and then we would see a shepherd or someone on a horse and wonder where they could have come from.
The ending to the second time trial was so exciting that we stopped to watch a few of the other cars attempt it. It required driving up a steep incline, which was made even more difficult by the fact that a flock of sheep had positioned itself right at the foot of the slope. This meant that it was particularly hard for the competitors to gain the momentum required in order to make it to the top. We just about made it by zig-zagging quite significantly but some of the cars had to reverse up and others even needed to be towed.
This penultimate campsite was again located on a lake and was surrounded by mountains. In the far distance we could even see some snow-capped Russian peaks. The temperature at Lake Uureg was far cooler than at the other locations and coupled with the strong wind was the main reason for everyone making their way to their sleeping bags earlier than usual.











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2 thoughts on “Day 10: Chjargas Lake – Uureg Lake ( 259 km )

  1. William Mocatta

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with one and all it is brilliant.
    As ever
    William Mocatta

  2. Bruno Ackermann

    Grüezi Noele und Mario Illien, habe von Eurem Unternehmen gehört und verfolge seither diese abenteuerliche Reise mit grossem Interesse. Wünsche weitere tolle Erlebnisse, keine grösseren Pannen und alles Gute.

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