Day 7: Bulgan – Murun ( 350 km )

Moving from our camp in Bulgan to Murun, we covered the whole 350 km on rocky and potholed roads. As a result the relatively short distance took us almost 9 hours to complete without taking any breaks other than to fix the car. Today we had three time trials which were all in not very good stretches. We found it challenging to cover the distance in a quick time and as a result we didn’t have a particularly smooth ride. At one point we hit such a big rock that it caused both of our sunglasses to fly right off.
Luckily this incident only appeared to cause cosmetic damage with one of the indicator covers falling off and the right wing bending upwards, however we did experience a minor issue with the car earlier in the day. Whilst driving we suddenly lost all gears again. Mario was able to see that a pin had slid out and moved to a position where the linkage locked. He could relatively easily secure it with a piece of wire, and as a result we were able to continue quickly.
Even though we have only been in Mongolia for a few days, the diversity of the landscape we have been able to experience is amazing! Whereas just days earlier we were driving through sand, today part of our route took us through rolling hills that could have been switzerland. The bumpy ride did however remind us that in fact we weren’t.
When we arrived at camp we saw that another car had rolled today. A mustard colored Datsun looked in far worse shape than the Beetle had, with the body being far more damaged and most of the windows broken. The car didnt have a roll cage but the drivers could be freed unharmed. Their lucky escape doesn’t appear to have put them off though as they have vowed to make it to Paris!







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4 thoughts on “Day 7: Bulgan – Murun ( 350 km )

  1. Hendrickx

    Hi Mario and Noel, was about to send out a surge party from Bach to come and find you as not heard for a while. We had a sunny weekend for a change here at home. Looks like it is all going well keep it up and look forward to see you back in Bach. Mario it was not me who put the pin in the gearbox

    All the best gust and Caroline

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Sarah de Senarclens

    Hi Mario and Noele, Claude and Sarah are following your progress from Geneva and enjoying the beautiful photographs and great reporting. Wishing you the best of luck and pothole-free rides……you wish…..
    XXX C and S

  3. Lars Fredrik Berg

    Hi Mario and Noele,

    13th in class you are doing well! Keep those wheels on the ground and the pedal to the metal!


  4. Dear Mario & Noele,

    Wonderful to have direct news with as usual amazing photos. We were able to follow your tremendous progress through the organiser’s site, showing your regular strong performance every night +a couple of photos here and there but now, being able to get the inside story of some of your stages is fantastic.

    Thank you for making us remotely dream “un peu, beaucoup, à la folie” !

    Keep it up.

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