Day 5: Ulaan Baatar ( rest day)

This morning walking through the lobby we came across two competitors who just arrived at the hotel. It turned out that their car had broken down the day before and had to find their own way to make it back to Ulaan Baatar. They had managed to get their car towed by a truck but they themselves couldn’t fit on it so they had to take the train which took them all night. We hope the same doesn’t happen to us!!
We spent most of today in the workshop checking up on our car but also investigating the problems that the others had with theirs and as a result weren’t able to explore the city. It was children’s day in Mongolia which is a day when the children receive gifts and is slightly similar to Christmas. As it was also the first of the month it was a dry day with no alcohol being served anywhere.
We are about to head into the wilderness again for 6 additional nights of camping. Sounds like it will be quite an adventure.




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4 thoughts on “Day 5: Ulaan Baatar ( rest day)

  1. Dear Mario & Noele

    What an adventure you guys are having! My dad told me about this amazing endeavour of yours and showed me this site whlist I’m visiting my parents with Alma (my little girl, who’s going to turn 1 next Saturday) over the weekend. Sounds like you’re truly in for a trip of a lifetime.

    My dad and mum send their warmest regards & best wishes – they are eagerly following your journey. Mario, my Dad asked me to tell you that you must really be in need of a good SAUNA after you’re done!!

    All the best! Gute Reise und viel Glück (oder “Erfolg”, as it sounds like you are well prepared).

    Altti & Marita Koivukari

  2. Fabiano Chies

    Great pictures, great news. Please keep on sharing your adventure.

  3. Lorainne Lopez

    I hope you were able to swim in the adult part of the pool to relax!

  4. Chella

    So cool to see everything going on there!! Good luck camping!! Can’t wait to see more if your updates 🙂

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