Day 4: Altanshiree – Ulaan Baatar ( 426 km )

Our day started a little earlier than anticipated. In the middle of the night we woke to find the tent lying right on top of us. The wind had caused some of the pegs to come loose and so we were the only thing stopping the whole tent from flying away. We put some more pegs in but it didn’t help too much as the winds continued to get stronger and stronger.
The first part of the drive consisted of 200 km of off-road. For almost 80 km of this we had a time trial where we were able to push the car harder than yesterday. It did however mean that we were sliding all over the place but our time is what largely enabled us to improve our overall position in the ranking to 17th.
We passed through a number of rural villages along the way which consisted of a mixture of temporary tents and permanent buildings. The nearer we got to Ulaan Baatar the larger they seemed to get.
We were able to drive on a stretch of road that ran parallel to the train track for the last 200 km. Although it was relatively new, there were already large holes in it which constantly had to be swerved around. The closer we got to the capital the more mountainous the landscape became. The temperature also significantly dropped with there even being a number of snow patches on the sides of the mountains.
Ulaan Baatar itself is far larger than expected with a population of around 1 million. We were surprised by how the majority of the people speak very good English. The driving style is also a little different from China with the locals making use of their indicators to show a direction change, however they are slightly more aggressive with no gap in a traffic line staying open for long.
As we have a rest day coming up we are able to stay in Ulaan Baatar for two nights, but afterwards we have 6 days of camping as we move closer to the Siberian border. It sounds like it is going to get even colder as in the last rally the competitors would wake to ice having formed inside their tents by the morning.








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5 thoughts on “Day 4: Altanshiree – Ulaan Baatar ( 426 km )

  1. Thomas

    Exciting report of ur once in a lifetime experience! Only a few days after the start of the rally we’re waking up every morning very curious to find out about how u have mastered the challenges of the previous day. After spending a night in the igloo this winter we can only imagine what ur expecting on ur way to Siberia (keep warm:-)). Wishing u a relaxing day of rest and successful onward trip to Paris!

  2. armin frick

    Schön das ihr so einen blauen himmel habt. Gruss armin frick

  3. Lars Fredrik Berg


    Great pictures and very nice coments Noele! It is very exiting to be following your adventure! Keep up the good work!

    Enyoy your well deserved rest day in Ulaan Baatar.


  4. Barbara

    Noele, I happened upon a story about the race by chance and I’m really enjoying following your journey with your father. Great photos! Good luck.

  5. Lorainne Lopez

    After reading your post about the tent and Siberia I realized that you guys must’ve packed a lot of clothes for the different climates and other necessities! Good job fitting all that in your car!

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