Final preparations

Today was the last day before the start of the race and there most certainly was a lot to do. In the morning everyone’s car underwent a technical inspection that needed to be passed in order to be able to take part in the rally. Various technical functions of the car were tested and we also had to prove that we were carrying a number of items with us including a tow rope and an oil mat. One of the requirements was also a hand held fire extinguisher, however we only had an automatic in-built one so we had to go and get one. In the afternoon we had our final briefing and also received our roadbooks and the maps that we will be using for the rest of the journey. We thus already know every turn that we will be making all the way to Paris! Tomorrow will be an early start. All the participants have to make the 60km journey to the Great Wall by 07:30 following which it will be Go, Go, Go!!




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2 thoughts on “Final preparations

  1. Bolsterli

    Safe travels und alles Gueti! Gruss Hans

  2. Thank you for taking the time in sharing your anecdotes + photos: an automatic in-built fire extinguisher… super ! Have you built an Indy type Traction ? 😉

    Have a great trip. Philippe

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